Vehicle Exhaust System

wonder motors mechanic exhaust system

You may think or may not think that your car’s exhaust system is designed to look cool and flashy(sporty) and to reduce noise, but it has other functions that you are not aware, it is responsible for reducing harmful emissions from entering and destroying the atmosphere.- Properly and serviced working mufflers and exhaust systems not only looks cool and sound better, they are cool – for you, your kids, your family, your car, and the environment.

Your exhaust system is fitted and starts at the front of your vehicle, right under the hood and behind your engine. Exhaust connect to the cylinder heads of engine, where they collect exhaust chemicals and gases. As the gases processed and move through the exhaust system of engine, first step they’re analysed by oxygen sensors in the engine, then refined by the complex catalytic converter in the exhaust system and, lastly, muffled by the muffler of the vehicle.

So by the time it takes for those harmful gases to leave the car, the vehicle emission system has made your baby car run beautifully quieter, smoother, and cleaner.

As car ages and wear and tear, Any one of these exhaust components can fail and degrade and affect everything from your petrol mileage to the air you breathe in the environment. It’s fitted in the vehicle and pretty complex system, at wonder motors in dandenong, we are the experts in the vehicle exhaust system and our highly qualified emissions and muffler repair experts can diagnose the problem immediately and get you right back on the road at no time, please call us to book or simply just drive in for the best service that you deserve.